Instagram Model Connected To Many Celebs Almost Dies From Aids

Instagram model Gena Tew opens up about her coping with AIDS after nearly dyeing. The instagram model is connected to several celebrities from her past. She has been linked to Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, and Chief Keef. Facebook post have been pulled as receipts by the Shade Room; where Gena post " chilling with the Chief Keef. Then heading to NYC for my bday to chill with Nick Cannon."

Gena Tewin videos explain that her doctors have told her she had to have had the decease for at least 8-10 years. She does not know how she contracted the decease. She also mentions along her journey she was rapped twice in her past and also received free tattoos. When getting the tattoos she did not ask any questions and really does not remember if safety measures were taken with the ink needles used.

Gena's weight dropped all the way down to 65 pounds. She lost her ability to walk and blind in one eye. The model even became too weak to speak. Gena who is now 27 years old is sharing her story in hopes of helping others. The virus has altered Gena's entire life and she hopes to help someone that needs to hear her story.

Photo: Getty Images

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