"DBaby" Houston Dj Falls To Her Death

Darian Lewis, known to many as "Dj D Baby" dies from falling from 13th floor balcony onto the 9th-floor pool deck of an apartment complex, according to KRIV. Born June 24th 1999 age 23 dies after being hospitalized since the July 4th fall.

Originally when the incident first took place police reports following the investigation stated all the evidence pointed to it being an unfortunate accident. The girlfriend of Lewis, Nisha Jackson promises she did not push D Baby over the balcony and that they were not arguing.

Dj D Baby was proud of being the youngest Dj making a name for herself. Introducing herself as a Dj at Texas Southern University. Darian sharpened her skills and traveled the world as DJ D Baby. Becoming a DJ for QC, being a 1501 DJ and developing the best connections in the media world; She loved her job.

Rest In Peace.

Photo: Getty Images

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