LSU's Basketball Star Wayde Sims Convicted Killer Found Dead In Prison

LSU Basketball star Wayde Sims convicted killer was sentenced for second- degree murder and received a life sentence last Monday. Dyteon Simpson days after receiving life sentenced was found dead in prison. Prison officials reported that at 8pm Sunday Simpson was found unresponsive. A police spokesperson told TMZ Sports , "the preliminary toxicology report revealed Simpson appeared to have fentanyl in his system." The investigation is on going to the cause of Simpsons death.

The courts found Simpson guilty of second of degree murder earlier this year. Following behind the 2018 killing of Wayde Sims; whom was shot in the head at Subway during a parking lot fight. It is not clear how the altercation started. There is video footage from near by security cameras and bystander cell phones of the fight. In the video footage secured by police and investigation they had a man of interest immediately; Simpson was arrested the next day after the fight.

Wayde Sims is remembered by LSU Basketball and the community of East Baton Rouge Parish as a talent like no other with a big heart.

Photo: Getty Images

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