Horrific Injuries Olympian Kim Glass Attacked By Homeless Man

Olympian volleyball player Kim Glass was attacked by an homeless man over the weekend. Kim won a silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Moving forward to Saturday, this past weekend Kim after having lunch with friend in LA. noticed a homeless man outside of the eatery where she had dinned at acting a bit strange. Kim saw the man had something in his hand. At the time she thought the man may hit someone's car and turned around to tell her friend. Before Kim could blink an eye; the homeless man hit her in the face with a metal pipe. Everything seemed to happen fast as Kim explained to LAPD. The homeless man threw the object at Kim hitting her in the eye socket and the bridge of her nose. Serious damage was caused.

The homeless man was charged with a felony and is still in LAPD custody.

Photo: Getty Images

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