Larry Hoover Disowns Gangster Disciples for A Shorter Sentence

Gangster Disciples founder Larry Hoover has renounced all affiliation to the notorious Chicago gang. Hoover's lawyers submitted a letter to the federal judge requesting to lower his life sentence bid. He explains that he is no longer the Larry Hoover of his past and he is not running the gang from prison.

Hoover supported by rappers like, Kanye West and Drake is currently serving a federal life sentence. At age 71 he understands that he is written about in many articles, books, and mentions in music lyrics glorifying his reputation. He wishes this was not the case.

If Larry Hoover is successful with getting his federal life sentence shortened he still faces state life sentence. In state court Hoover was convicted for ordering a murder in 1973 from prison; which led to the judge reprimanding him to the state of Illinois' prison on a sentence of 150 to 200 years.

Larry Hoover is doing all he can to live rehabilitated as a free man.

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