Surprise... Lil Uzi Vert Releases "Eternal Atake"

It seems like forever since Lil Uzi Teased Eternal Atake in December 2018, announcing it during his homecoming Lil Uzi Vert & Friends show in Philadelphia, With many delays, and ongoing battles with his label it seemed like we would never get to experience Eternal Atake.

Finally, here ut is Friday March 6th and the wait is over. surprised fans by releasing his long-awaited album. The project marks Uzi's first LP since his 2017 albumLuv Is Rage 2.

The 18-track album includes Uzi's two latest singles, "Futsal Shuffle 2020" — the first dance track of the New Year and “That Way," it also contains bonus tracks and features a guest appearance from on “Urgency.”

Eternal AtakeTracklist

1. “Baby Pluto”

2. “Lo Mein”

3. “Silly Watch”

4. “Pop”

5. “You Better Move”

6. “Homecoming”

7. “I’m Sorry”

8. “Celebration Station”

9. “Bigger Than Life”

10. “Chrome Hearts Tags”

11. “Bust Me”

12. “Prices”

13. “Urgency” feat. Syd

14. “Venetia”

15. “Secure the Bag”

16. “P2 (The End)”

Bonus Tracks

17. “Futsal Shuffle”

18. “That Way”

The rapper took to Twitter earlier this week to share the BabyPluto short film, Co-directed by Uzi and Daniel Gibson, the two-minute trailer starts off with Lil Uzi working a typical 9-5 in a office, But things quickly take a turn to an alien abduction with a Heaven’s Gate style disappoint.cult. The trailer led fans to believe Futsal Shuffle rapper would release the album sooner than the rumored release for next week, and Uzi despite previous trends didn't disappoint.

Listen to Lil Uzi Vert's Eternal Atake Below and tell us what you think.

Which tracks are you feeling the most?

photos courtesy of: Getty Images

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