Harriet Tubman Highway Debuts In South Florida

Photo: Getty Images

The Harriet Tubman Highway has been unveiled, removing the “Dixie Highway” title.

“South Dixie Highway was dedicated 50 years after the Civil War in 1915. This was a time when Women of the Confederacy (a.k.a “Dixie”) made it their mission to name as many streets and public buildings to honor Confederate Generals, and their beloved Dixie, as they could,” Isabella Banos wrote in 2019.

Banos suggested that “the best historical figure to represent this monumental fight is none other than Harriet Tubman.

” She served as a spy on the Union side, and fought for the United States in the Civil War. Her legacy was such that President Barack Obama chose her to be the face on our $20 bill. Sincerely.” Banos wrote.

The switch was agreed upon and the city of Coral Gables decided unanimously to change its portion of the road. Nine cities and the county have passed resolutions to remove the Dixie Highway road signs, while other cities in Florida and other Southern states that share the highway will keep the name.

“We can not forget slavery,” Florida State Rep. Dotie Joseph added. “We can not forget the ramifications of it.”

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