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You May Find An Iguana In Your Toilet

Iguanas are showing up in people's toilets!

This seems to be happening all across Hollywood. Trapper Harold Rondan from Iguana Lifestyles has been goin from home to home doing what he calls, “The Stick Trick.”

He puts a stick in the toilet, waits a bit and the iguana crawls out, no injuries to anyone.

“Hollywood, to me, is the birth ground for these things. I don’t know what it is."

Rondan warns that the iguanas are spiny tail iguanas.

"They’re known to be aggressive and carry diseases." he said.

“This one is going to bite and do a death roll. It’s taking flesh from you,” explained Rondan. “This thing has 16 rows of spikes on its tail all around. As soon as you grab it it’s going to spin and slice your hand wide open.”

Rondan believes the iguanas get in through vent tubes on the roof, and the best way to keep them out is to cover the roof vent tubes with wire mesh. That should stop anything from crawling down and settling in the most popular seat in the house.

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