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Property Tax Problems In Homestead

Photo: Getty Images

There are consequences with the 2021 property-tax season in Miami-Dade County.

City administrators blame a cost squeeze from the loss of cheap landscaping crews from a nearby state prison during the COVID-19 pandemic.

City council members approved a proposed tax rate 23% higher than the current rate. Homestead’s proposed $8.17 rate for city operations and debt payments would generate more than $4 million in new tax revenue, with about $1 million covering more hours for landscaping crews.

The higher tax rate puts Homestead in the municipal minority this year in Miami-Dade County, as 90% of Miami-Dade homeowners will see slightly lower combined property tax rates in 2021.

Broward County, is more mixed, with 60% of residential properties seeing decreased tax rates and 40% seeing higher ones.

Taxable values are higher across South Florida, and Miami-Dade homeowners should expect to pay more, with the average increase in both counties at roughly 2%.

The average Homestead homeowner would be on track for an 8% increase in the 2021 property-tax bill.

“What we did this year is we set it intentionally high to give wiggle room as we consider some improvements to city services,” said Zackery Good, assistant to Homestead’s city manager.

Homestead commissioners take final votes on tax rates as part of the budget approval process for the 2022 fiscal year, which spends property taxes that come due starting in November.

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