Jackson Health Has Nurse Positions Available

Jackson Health System says as many as 200 nursing jobs are available at their hospitals.

“We have more than 3500 nurses all over the Jackson Health System but right now 150 to 200 nursing jobs are available. Depending on education and experience, and this is subject to what is happening with the collective bargaining unit, nurses straight out of school typically earn $27 to $28 an hour and can earn as much as $40 an hour.” Julie Staub, an Executive Vice President and Chief of Human Resources. “We can not hire nurses fast enough. “Back in December to February, we saw an influx of folks wanting to go follow traveling nurses for the dollars in another part of the country. We are seeing a little bit of that today but not as much.”

Jackson Health System CEO Carlos Migoya said the Jackson Health system was stepping up efforts to recruit nurses from nursing schools. New nurses will have to abide by the mandate that all employees and vendors be vaccinated by August 23rd.

Sixty percent of the employees in the Jackson Health System have been vaccinated.

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