Walmart Makes Mask Mandate For Employees

Photo: AFP

Walmart issued a mask mandate for employees, regardless of vaccination status, in stores located in areas with "substantial or high transmission."

The retailer, will enforce the policy immediately, and Walmart store managers will receive weekly updates on COVID-19 transmission rates. Customers will not be required to masks, but local stores will post signs with reminders of the CDC's new guidelines.

Walmart isn't mandating its employees to get vaccinated, but encourages workers to do so and plans to implement a new process to verify vaccine status.

The company also plans to offer employees the chance to get vaccinated while on the clock and is offering up to three days paid leave should an employee have a reaction to their shot.

Walmart's vaccine incentive is $150 to get vaccinated and the company is also offering payment to new employees who received the vaccine before starting at Walmart.

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. counties are currently considered areas with high transmission rates.

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