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Judge Denies To Reinstate Federal Unemployment Benefits

Photo: Getty Images North America

A Leon County Judge denied a temporary injunction that would reinstated federal unemployment benefits.

The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program, provided Floridians with an extra $300 a week in benefits.

Judge Layne Smith stated the state has the legal right to stop participating in the program.

The lawsuit, alleged that the federal payments should have been allowed to continue until Sept. 6, and the state’s decision to stop participating was against Florida law.

"Neither federal law nor Florida law requires participation in the CARES Act programs, including FPUC,” an attorney representing the state said.

“This decision belongs solely to the state’s chief executive. Ultimately, Governor DeSantis’ strategy to promote reemployment by ending Florida’s participation in the FPUC program is a political issue that the voters can approve or reject at the ballot box.” Judge Smith said.

The judge stated Congress allowed states to choose whether to participate in the program and that the state legislature did not mandate participation.

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