Florida Thief Tried To Escape Police With A Helicopter.

A Florida man is facing charges after a wild crime spree that started when Brandon Marti, was involved in a two-car accident.

Marti fled the scene on foot and broke into a nearby home, stole their car, and drove for a mile before crashing through the gate at Kissimmee Gateway Airport.

The car was inoperable, so Marti ran towards a helicopter, and was confronted by a security guard who stopped him from taking the helicopter. Marti, managed to steal a truck and was able to drive away from the airport.

Osceola County deputies tracked Marti down and took him into custody after he crashed the truck, and was taken to the hospital with injuries that are not considered life-threatening.

Marti will be taken to the Osceola County Jail, where he will be booked on at least 11 charges, including carjacking, burglary, battery, and assault on an officer.

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