Evacuated North Miami Beach Condo Still Considered Unsafe

Photo: Getty Images North America

The North Miami Beach condo that was evacuated because of safety concerns must stay unoccupied until the condo association submits a new 40-year recertification report that addresses all structural and electrical issues.

The building is about 5 miles from Champlain Towers South, where the death toll is at least 60 and left 80 people missing.

An audit prompted by the collapse found that Crestview Towers was built in 1972 had been deemed unsafe in January.

The condo submitted surveys by an engineering firm and an electrical engineer concluded the building's integrity has not been compromised by structural deficiencies outlined in the certification report. An engineer retained by the board concluded the building was structurally and electrically unsafe for occupancy.

Crestview is the only building to be evacuated since municipal officials in South Florida, and statewide, began scrutinizing older high-rises in the wake of the Surfside collapse.

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