President Biden Takes On Gun Violence

Photo: Getty Images North America

President Joe Biden is announcing a plan that focuses on addressing gun violence.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden believes the rise in crime was “unacceptable” and that there would be a specific focus on measures “to stem the flow of firearms used to commit violence.”

Biden's plan shows how few the president has, as the steps he is taking are aimed at cracking down on gun dealers who break federal law and establishing strike forces in cities to help stop weapons trafficking.

But the rest of his new strategy is largely suggestions for beleaguered localities. He's encouraging cities to invest some of their COVID-19 relief funds into policing and pushing alternative crime reduction steps such as community support and summer jobs for teenagers. If could make an impact, but it's all voluntary.

Biden will announce a “zero tolerance" policy, giving no leeway to gun dealers who fail to comply with federal law, and their license to sell will be revoked on the first offense.

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