A Plane Lands On I-75!

A small plane made an emergency landing in the median of I-75 at in Weston.

The single-engine Cessna 172 landed 12 miles west of U.S 27, with a pilot and student pilot, aboard the plane. Neither was injured.

The FAA is investigating what caused the plane’s engine to suddenly stop working.

The pilot Richard Lee and his student Davis Hernandez from Skyduo Flight Academy, were practicing a turning maneuver when the engine just suddenly stopped.

“The plane engine just cut off, and so, we did what we train for. When you start with a private license, they actually train you to do the emergency landings to prepare for this moment, I guess. But, I’m still glad for United Pilot, because they calmed us down, said ‘You’re doing well.’”

This was the pilot’s first emergency landing, and he says he hopes it was the last.

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