White House Press Corps Grounded By Cicadas

Photo: Getty Images North America

The White House press corps flight to England to cover President Joe Biden's first international trip, was delayed because a swarm of cicadas had damaged their aircraft.

The cicadas flew into the engine of the Airbus causing damage to the plane's auxiliary power unit. Delta had to dispatch another aircraft and crew to the airport.

"At issue was the presence of periodical cicadas within the APU, rendering it unworkable," Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant said in a statement. "Delta teams dispatched a replacement Airbus A330 aircraft and crew to Washington-Dulles International Airport to operate the flight."

President Biden arrived to leave on Air Force One, and had to swat one of the bugs from his neck.

"Watch out for the cicadas," he told reporters. "One just got me."

There are so many cicadas swarming around Washington, D.C., that they are being picked up by radar, appearing as light rain or snow.

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