Passengers On A Boat Get A JAWS Moment

Passengers aboard a ship bound for New England saw a giant shark in the Ocean!

In a now viral video by Alex Albrecht, of Seattle, the passengers were on a six-week marine research trip from Florida to Massachusetts and spotted the gigantic shark 100 miles offshore.

"I was sailing on the SSV Corwith Cramer on a semester program with Sea Education Association studying Marine Biodiversity and Conservation," Albrecht said. "We also were being trained as tallship crew, so we sailed the boat ourselves as students. The video is taken from high up on the mast, where you can climb to tend to rigging or enjoy the view.

The shark slowly swam in a circle near the surface of the water as passengers on the boat attempt to get a closer look.

Many shark enthusiasts have identified the shark as a basking shark, which is typically about 26-feet at its average adult size.

Photos by Getty Images

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