City Of Ali Premieres This Week

Five years after the death of Muhammad Ali and on the anniversary of his death, the documentary City of Ali will premiere during an event in his hometown of Louisville as part of the annual Ali Festival celebrating Ali's legacy.

The film features interviews from the late boxer's family, including Asaad Ali, Lonnie Ali, Rahman Ali and Rasheda Ali, as well as Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, and members of the Muhammad Ali Center.

"Our film’s title really has two meanings: On the one hand, the City of Ali is Louisville, where Cassius Clay grew up and Muhammad Ali came home. The City of Ali also refers to the global community of people Ali touched and inspired in his incredible life. This documentary tells the story of what happened when those two communities came together. It was an unforgettable moment to experience and we’re excited to share City of Ali with fans of The Champ worldwide." City of Ali director Graham Shelby

City of Ali premieres in Louisville on June 3rd, the fifth anniversary of Ali's passing, and will be released nationally June 4th.

Photos by Getty Images

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