Pregnant Woman Saves Three Drowning Children

Alyssa Dewitt who is five months pregnant, rushed over to a pier and saw three kids who had been pulled under by a strong rip current.

She called 911, laid down on her stomach and tried to pull the kids, who were all under the age of 15, back up onto the pier.

"I put my phone down with 911 on and laid down over the side of the pier and told them what to do, reach for my hand," Alyssa said. "Every time I would get them partway up, a wave would smash them back down."

Dewitt struggled to pull the kids up as the waves kept forcing them back under the water, but miraculously, she was able to pull all three kids from the water before rescuers arrived.

"Then the adrenaline kicked into high gear and Somehow i did it. I pulled them up the pier wall, with the waves slamming into me and throwing the kids all over the place, pulling with all my might on wet slippery hands, and almost going over the edge myself a few times. I kept my promise, I was going to do whatever I had to do. I'm beyond thankful I was where I was and that those kids get to live another day," Dewitt wrote.

The kids suffered only minor injuries, and Dewitt went to the emergency room as a precaution. Doctors said that both Dewitt and her baby were fine.

Photo: Getty Images

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