Zoo Miami Piglets Have Caught The City By Storm

A 12-year-old Red River Hog successfully gave birth to three healthy piglets at Zoo Miami and they are stealing the show!

The piglets were weighed, microchipped, received iron supplements, had their eyes and oral cavities checked, as well as their umbilicus cleaned.

Zoo Miami Communications Director and Wildlife Photographer Ron Magill says Red River Hogs are considered a species of least concern and are found in patchy forested areas of western, central, and eastern Africa.

“They are a highly adaptable species and get their name from their red coat and tendency to be found close to rivers where they enjoy wallowing in the mud and adjacent streams,” he explains. “Males will develop large cartilaginous protrusions on the sides of their face, as well as pronounced tusks used in battles with other males.”

Red River Hogs eat a wide variety of fruits, roots, invertebrates, eggs, nuts, grasses, reptiles, and even carrion and have a normal lifespan of 15-20 years.

Photos by Getty Images

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