American Rescue Plan Helps Save Minority Farmers

The American Rescue Plan, dropped hunger more than 40%, unemployment has fallen by more than half, 1.5 million new jobs have been created.

The $1,400 checks have allowed families to pay down debt, and federal dollars have brought vaccinations to nearly 160 million Americans.

For Black and minority farmers, the American Rescue Plan represents a significant piece of civil rights legislation, as deep within the law is a provision that directs USDA to pay off the farm loans of nearly 16,000 minority farmers and after months of planning, USDA begins this historic debt relief program.

The American Rescue Plan gave USDA new tools and resources, as the law provides an estimated $5 billion in debt relief to socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers who hold a qualifying farm loan.

The loan payments will clear the debt and offer additional resources to pay tax liabilities.

The process represents an opportunity for a historically marginalized group to fully participate in a fairer, more equitable system of American agriculture.

Photos by Getty Images

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