Amazon Put A Crunch On Counterfeits

Amazon blocked more than 10 billion listings to crack down on counterfeits.

Amazon blocked 67% more suspected bad listings than the previous year. Counterfeiters attempt to sell their products through Amazon's third-party marketplace, which allows users to sell their items directly online. 2 million counterfeit products were destroyed after being sent to warehouses prior to sales last year.

Amazon said it is capable of spotting counterfeit items prior to sales with machine-learning technology, which automatically scans listings to remove suspected counterfeits. Lawmakers have publicly aimed to reduce counterfeits online. The INFORM Consumers Act requires third-party sellers to be verified and disclose their name and address to shoppers. Amazon and other online sellers have opposed the bill over concerns that it discourages individuals from starting their own small businesses and selling online.

Amazon spent more than $700 million on its fraud and anti-counterfeiting efforts.

Photos by Getty Images

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