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Siri Can Be Your Default Music Player

Ask Siri to "play music" and you can use this menu to select a default music player.

When you ask Siri to play music without specifying what app you want it from, Siri will use your default. to learn your habits over time, and eventually adjust to your preferences. That means it can recognize that you prefer to listen to music on Spotify, but prefer to listen to podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

Here's how to set the default music player on your iPhone.

1. Update your iPhone to iOS 14.5 (or your iPad to iPadOS 14.5), and double-check that Siri is set up.

2. Call up Siri with your side button or by saying "Hey Siri" and ask it to "Play music" or "Play [the name of a song, podcast, book, etc.]."

3. You'll see a list of available audio options. Tap the one you'd like to use. If Siri asks for permission to access your music app data, approve it.

Siri will begin playing your song request, or if you just asked for "music," the last thing you were listening to.

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