Miami Culinary Entrepreneur Is Gifting Cakes For Mother's Day

Culinary entrepreneur Sherronda Daye is the founder of the Miami-based dessert catering business Sweet Jalane’s, and created the 100 Cakes in 10 Days project for Mother’s Day.

For every cake ordered, Daye, provides a cake to a family that has lost a child.

“I am a mother who’s mothering without a mother,” explains Daye. “My mother passed in 2014, and on my first Mother’s Day without her, I was lost. I thought, ‘I can’t be the only one who feels this way.’ ”

The cakes will go to mothers whose children have died due to gun violence or illness.

You order a Bundt cake via the website for The Sweet Exchange, and for $40, you get two cakes. You keep one and Daye donates the other to a grieving mother identified by Miami Children’s Initiative. Donate both cakes and a lot of kids who can’t afford to buy their moms flowers or candy or a special dessert for her special day will.

The project officially runs through May 6, though if you order a cake on May 7 or 8, you stand a good chance of getting one.

Photos by Getty Images

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