Buildings An Programs In City Parks Are Open Again In Miami

The city of Miami Parks and Recreation Department reopened all indoor facilities and programs that were closed or halted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re pleased to announce that our indoor parks facilities are now open and that additional parks programs and activities will be ramping up as the school year winds down and summer approaches,” said Miami City Manager Art Noriega.

Parkgoers will be required to wear facial coverings when indoors at parks buildings, as the reopening of indoor spaces includes community centers, meeting rooms, stand-alone restroom facilities, locker rooms, gymnasiums, and other indoor facilities. Also, outdoor parks facilities are available: water fountains, picnic shelter areas, open grills, benches, bleachers, and table games.

Programs for persons with disabilities will resume on Monday, May 17 and Summer Camp will begin on Monday, June 14.

Photos by Getty Images

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