Sterling Brown Attack In Miami May Be Worse Than Reported

The assault on Houston Rockets guard Sterling Brown was worse than the team indicated.

Brown was assaulted by three or more men during an altercation outside of a Miami strip club, when Brown attempted to enter the wrong van and exchanged words with at least three people. The situation "escalated into all of those individuals jumping Brown, physically beating him up, hitting him in the head with a bottle and leaving blood everywhere" before he was taken to a hospital.

Players and coaches feared he was in critical condition while doctors were concerned about potential blood clotting overnight because of his head injuries. He received stitches and underwent tests before being cleared to leave.

Rockets teammate Kevin Porter Jr. also was "roughed up a bit by the individuals" after stepping in to protect Brown and help remove him from the situation.

The league is investigating the situation.

Photos by Getty IMages

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