4/20 Is The Day We Celebrate Peter Tosh

4/20, the National Weed Day!

The day for blunt smokers, rappers, and hippies, is also being set aside to honor reggae singer Peter Tosh.

The Peter Tosh Foundation, Legacy & Brands, with marketing by Launchpad Worldwide, want followers on the International Peter Tosh Day to celebrate his work. The Peter Tosh One Foundation, was founded to address the social equity and justice issues within the emerging cannabis industry.

“The music of my father, Peter Tosh, demarcates the beginning of an international movement to decriminalize cannabis”, said Niambe McIntosh, administrator of her father’s estate.

The Estate and partners have set up a full festival of online activities that will be streamed across multiple social media and virtual platforms, to attract a widespread audience. They are tapping in with cannabis growers, infusion culinary artists, licensed distributors, celebrities/artists, cannabis entrepreneurs, policymakers, advocates, legal professionals, medical professionals, and cannabis enthusiasts.

Positive Vibes as Tosh would have wanted.

To join the festival and for more information about #PeterTosh420, please follow @PeterTosh on Facebook and Instagram.

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