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Gators Keep Getting Into Properties In Florida!

An alligator snuck into the Spring Hill Post Office in Florida's Hernando County!

Sheriff's officials say someone stopped by the post office about 3:30 a.m. to drop off a package and saw the 7-foot gator roaming around the lobby. The building has automatic double doors that allows off-hours entry.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission considers an alligator a “nuisance” animal if it is 4 feet or longer and deemed a threat to people, pets or property.

Florida has an alligator hotline for just these types of situations: 866-392-4286.

Earlier this year two Florida women armed with a Swiffer Picker Upper took on a baby gator that wandered into their home.

Sazan Powers, a realtor from Tampa, streamed live on Facebook throughout the ordeal.

Her neighbor, Erika Venza, called her and asked for help when the baby reptile strolled into her home through a sliding door she’d kept open. She didn’t realize until later when she looked at her Nest camera that the gator had been inside for an hour.

During the standoff, Venza stood on a chair in the living room while Powers positioned herself on top of the kitchen counter as the two strategized how to get the gator back outside.

Photos by Getty Images

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