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Buses Won't Be Free In Miami-Dade After June

Miami-Dade County plans to lift the suspension of passenger fares on June 1 for Miami-Dade’s transit.

Miami-Dade has installed plastic barriers where bus operators sit, equipped vehicles with air-sanitizing equipment, and mask and cleaning supplies are plentiful, so the county is reactivating pay stations at the front of the vehicles.

Masks are still required on all Miami-Dade transit vehicles, and capacity restrictions remain, as Miami-Dade continues to block off seats in buses to reduce crowding.

“It was different when we didn’t have mask mandates, and we didn’t have

protection for the drivers. But we’ve corrected that,” said Jeffery Mitchell, president

of the Local 291 chapter of the Transportation Workers Union. “Just enforce the

mask mandate.”

Photos by Getty Images

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