Ship That Halted Traffic In The Suez Is Free

The container ship that became wedged in the Suez Canal and cut off traffic for almost a week, has been refloated.

The ship sailed north to the Great Bitter Lake, and will now undergo a technical inspection.

The Ever Given is a 220,000-ton vessel able to carry 20,000 containers, and stretching more than 1,300 feet, which is almost as long as the Empire State Building.

The ship created disruptions in a global supply chain, as around 12% of global trade passes through the Suez Canal. More than $9 billion worth of goods passes through the waterway each day, translating to around $400 million per hour.

The ship ran aground due to heavy winds, but now the ship’s refloating means traffic can resume in the Suez Canal.

Photo: Getty Images

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