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25% Of Americans Are Fully Vaccinated

25% of adults in the U.S. have been immunized, as people are considered fully vaccinated.

One-third of adults have received their first inoculation, three-fourths over the age of 65, have received their first shot, and nearly 58% are fully vaccinated.

New Mexico, South Dakota, and Alaska, boast vaccination rates of more than 30%.

The U.S. still has a ways to go until herd immunity is reached, as between 70-80% of the population must either be vaccinated or have natural immunity against the coronavirus for herd immunity to be achieved.

By April 19, all states are expected to make all adults eligible to receive a vaccine.

The CDC showed that the vaccines created by Pfizer and Moderna were 90% effective.

Researchers tested 4,000 essential workers, health care personnel and first responders from Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, and Utah. Their study found the vaccines were 90% effective at preventing infections after two weeks in fully vaccinated individuals 80% effective at preventing infections for people who received only the first dose.

The results are the first using real-world data in the United States, as over 145 million doses have been administered in the U.S., and more than 52 million people are considered fully vaccinated.

74 million people have received Pfizer's vaccine, 68 million were given the Moderna vaccine, and 3 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine have been administered.

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