South Florida Hospitals Are Seeing Covid Rise Again

Local hospitals, are under pressure by a barrage of sick patients and staffing shortages, trying to keep up with demand, as Florida’s COVID case count is starting to surge.

The need for medical attention caused five Broward County hospitals to be at critical capacity. Broward Health and Memorial Healthcare, notified rescue workers to route patients away from individual hospitals due to the lack of available beds.

COVID patients make up only 5% of total patients at this time, as new admissions rise.

COVID hospitalizations had been declining, but now hospitalization numbers are again increasing as the number of new cases goes up. Florida has the fourth-highest per-capita COVID hospitalization rate in the U.S.

The Delta strain has made its way into nearly every county in Florida and the virus is finding pockets of people who are not vaccinated, as 45% of Floridians are fully vaccinated.

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