The iPhone May Be Winning The Phone Wars

Apple iPhone brand loyalty increased as Android users became less loyal to their device makers.

Brand loyalty for Apple reached an all-time high of 92%, up from 90.5% in a SellCell survey, as Samsung brand loyalty dipped from 85.7% to 74%. Only 8.1% of iPhone users said they planned to switch to another brand, about 26% of Samsung users indicated that they would jump ship with their next smartphone upgrade.

Brand loyalty among Google Pixel, LG, and Motorola users all dipped, as the Google Pixel lineup, dropped 18.8% in two years.

Better technology and a preference for the design is the primary reasons for a switch.

17% of respondents chose the iPhone 12 and 12.7% chose the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Galaxy S21 came in third with 11.4%, while the iPhone 12 Pro ranked fourth with 10.6%. In fifth place was the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with 10%.

Photos by Getty Images

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