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Miami Is On The List Of Best Family Vacation Cities

Tripadvisor has updated its Family Vacation Guide, and announced that Miami is one of the best U.S. cities to visit.

A study examined the number of “family-friendly” hotels, attractions that were rated “good for kids” and “child friendly” restaurants, then looked to see what was highly rated by Tripadvisor users.

Miami is the fifth best city in the U.S. for family vacations, tied with Los Angeles.

Miami is home to a 35 mile stretch of beach that includes the world famous South Beach, and the city is within driving distance of the Florida Keys.

It has 64 top-rated family hotels, 61 top kids attractions and 24 five-star family-friendy restaurants, which makes for the perfect family destination for those who want to combine culture and entertainment with some of the USA’s best beaches.”

Miami is also the best 15-minute city in the country.

A 15-minute city is a place in which everything you need is 15 minutes away on foot. Jobs, food, healthcare, schools, green spaces, and community.

Analysts at moveBuddha, an online moving site, evaluated data on commutability, social and physical health, childcare and education, medical health and safety and affordability to determine the best spot.

Miami beat out Seattle and Portland, Oregon, but scored poorly in affordability. At $4K a month for a two-bedroom apartment in Downtown Dadeland it is pricey. But it earned points for walkability and biking, proximity to dining and parks and childcare.

The rest of the top 10 best 15-minute cities in the United States are San Francisco; Pittsburgh; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Minneapolis; Long Beach; Oakland; and Cincinnati.

Miami has among the highest month-to-month percentage rent increases in the country, according to a new study.

Miami’s month-to-month growth change for one-bedroom units is the fifth highest of 100 U.S. cities, with El Paso topping the list, where the median asking price rose from $708 per month in June to $750 per in July.

Miami ranked 13th for having the highest month-to-month rent increase for two-bedroom units. Virginia Beach topped the list with a 5.4% increase for rent increases.

Renters can expect prices to continue to increase, as the inventory is dictating the market. The inventory is so low and it is hard to get property.

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