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Make Your Way To The Keys & Stay In Floating Bungalows

In the waters near Key West, are a set of one-of-a-kind, floating bungalows.

The original Tiki Suite and the Grand Tiki are thatched cabanas with hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, king-sized beds, and three French doors that open up to the ocean where guests can spot dolphins, manatees, sting rays, conch, starfish, and other saltwater life.

There's also has a 50" LED TV and Blu-ray player hidden in the footboard of the bed, a mini refrigerator, and underwater lighting.

Guests have to hire a water taxi to get to the suites, but both are only 50 feet from shore and anchored.

"It's intended to be more of a glamping experience," explained co-owner Altah Petrov.

Vacationers get matching paddle boards and snorkeling gear, or if you're a landlubber, a double hammock for reading or watching the sunset.

There's only reservations for six months into the future, and there are a handful of dates currently available for the first edition, but more for the second release.

Photos by Getty Images

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