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West Miramar Homes Facing A Massive Plumbing Problem

Leaky pipes have become a major problem for homeowners in West Miramar.

Houses there all have copper pipes and were built 20 to 25 years ago, so homeowners have leaks that started within the last five to six years.

Several plumbing companies that service Miramar are familiar with the issue, but split on the source of the problem. Some say the homes were built with thin copper pipes and others believe the city’s filtration process could be to blame.

The city added a reverse osmosis system at the west water treatment plant in 2010 and some plumbers say that type of filtration system can make water acidic and accelerate corrosion of copper pipes.

The city says corrosion and water quality tests were performed.

“Miramar’s water quality complies with all parameters of Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s regulations. As a practical matter, pipe leaks can be caused by a myriad of factors other than water quality. Therefore, a pipe leak does not mean that the city should be held responsible…”

Homeowners are faced with a big decision to replace the remaining copper pipes in their homes now or wait until there’s another leak.

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