Junebug Challenge Is Blowing Up

The Junebug Challenge is the latest craze on social media that's similar to the Buss It Challenge and the Silhouette Challenge.

The Junebug originated on TikTok, but eventually made it to all social media platforms. The challenge calls for you to dance to SpotemGottem’s “BeatBox.”

Celebrities like Lil Baby, Saweetie, and more are involved, and here's how you do it.

The challenge calls for you to perform the “Junebug,” in creative places. A number of videos have been recorded on the roof of a car, in the bathroom, or in the middle of incoming traffic. Everyone who participates dances along to a song called “BeatBox,” which is performed by SpotEmGottem and features Memhis rapper Pooh Shiesty.

The viral challenge has attracted attention from many celebrities in music and in sports.

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