Palm Beach Quells Vaccine Shortage Rumors

There are no shortage of second doses of vaccine in Palm Beach County.

"Any seniors who received the first vaccine dose through the Department of Health or Healthcare District in Palm Beach County won’t have issues in getting their second shot" said Dr. Alina Alonso, the state health department director for Palm Beach County.

“There’s no shortage of second doses for anybody,” Alonso said. “All kinds of crazy stuff out on the internet. We’ve got no shortage of second doses. Everyone who go their first dose can get their second dose.”

Palm Beach County is preparing to open a mass vaccination site at the South Florida Fairgrounds and officials said people who received their first shot will be redirected to the fairgrounds for their follow-up shot.

“Unless you get a notification from the health department of the healthcare district, you should go back to your original location [where you received your first shot],” Palm Beach County Administrator Verdenia Baker said. “If you get a notice that your vaccine for your second dose has been changed, then go to the new location.”

Photos by Getty Images

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