Break The Cycle Introduces Black Youths To Cycling

Maurice Hanks started a cycling club called ‘Break the Cycle.’

“Break the Cycle’ is a family event," Hanks said. "We do social injustice rides, we do breast cancer awareness rides, we do sex trafficking rides and we are trying to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community together and build a better community for blacks and browns in the cycling community."

The club introduces kids from urban communities to the sport of cycling. In last year’s Tour de France, there was only one black rider out of 176. Hanks wants to introduce kids of color to the sport.

“We have kids rides on Wednesday,” said Hanks. “We have a junior team where they go race and compete. And we are trying build something for the kids. I’m here to open it up for the kids.”

The event happens every day of the week. To find out more about the organization, go to

Photos by Getty Images

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