The Last Mile Is Giving Prisoners Tech Work

The Last Mile prison rehabilitation program, offers prisoners free training on how to code, to equip them with the training they need to get a job once they are out of prison.

“At The Last Mile, we are using technology to try and solve mass incarceration,” Jason Jones, a software engineer who teaches computer coding to prisoners through remote communication, said.

Those who finished the program, will be connected with tech companies such as Slack, Facebook, and even Google.

Jones himself was a product of the program, and belongs to the almost 100 graduates, who had a zero recidivism rate.

“You are talking about disrupting the status quo of people not normally getting access and opportunity,” said Jones. “Not only are we driving down the recidivism rate where people get out and don’t come back no more, but we also have the ability to go back in the community and stop people from going into prison in the first place.”

The Last Mile, founded by Chris Redlitz and his wife Beverly Parenti, was launched 10 years ago.

Photos by Getty Images

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