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A Couple Find A Gator At Their Door

A Fort Myers couple posted about a seven-foot gator that entered their garage.

The couple live on a lake and saw the gator swimming earlier in the evening. Their garage door was open for a total of 10 mins while Andy Heathcoat went to get gas. On his way back the gator was HISSING by the door to the house.

Heathcoat was less than a foot away. Torrie Heathcoat called 911 and they dispatched a police woman who stayed at the garage door until Fish and Wildlife arrived. The gator was relocated to an alligator farm in North Fort Myers.

Residents expressed concerns about crocodiles in North Miami.

Those living in the Coral Towers Condominium said they have seen a crocodile multiple times. Residents have seen the reptiles in the water or sunning on a concrete slab behind the building.

Photos and video were shared by neighbors, who said they have seen at least a half dozen, and wildlife experts have identified them as crocodiles.

Footage the neighbors took, show what appears to be an orange tag attached to one of the crocodile’s tails, which means the animal has been trapped before and been relocated.

Crocodiles are shy and are likely to move away at the sight of humans, but people should not to feed the reptiles or allow children or pets to get close.

Despite calls to the city and state wildlife officials, neighbors cannot get someone to help out with the crocodiles.

Photos by Getty Images

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