The Nite Owl Drive-In Is Giving Miami An Old School Movie Experience

Nayib Estefan and his wife Lara moved back to Miami and achieved his dream when he opened, The Nite Owl Drive-In Theater, located at 1400 NE First Ave., Miami, 33132 ,

Located on a 60,000-square-foot lot it screens two movies per night, from family films to teen comedies to box-office hits to horror classics.

The $750,000 drive-in was made possible by grants and assistance from the Knight Foundation, the Omni Community Redevelopment Agency, the Wolfsonian Museum, Zoo Miami and Fairchild Tropical Garden, and can house 70 cars. Featuring a 53-foot screen capable of withstanding a Category 5 hurricane and a 4K laser projector, with tickets at $19.95 for a car with two people and an additional $10 per person. Admission comes with a $20 voucher for the concession stand, which sells everything from Materva to gourmet popcorn to marshmallow fritters. Snacks can be ordered through the theater’s website,, and delivered to your car by masked wait staff, and restroom breaks require a concierge, to ensure you wear a mask outside your car.

On weekends during the day, the drive-in is a farmers’ market, with locally grown fruits and vegetables delivered to your car.

Photos by Getty Images

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