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Teacher Under Review After Making Political Posts

A teacher has been told to stay home because of a politically charged social media post.

The person who tipped off the district was a concerned citizen in an email who said he disturbed by teacher Audrey Betancourt’s posts.

“Political violence is not ok,” said the person who emailed the principal. “I was shocked to see Ms. Betancourt’s calling for Nancy Pelosi’s hanging and I was aghast that she was a teacher here in Miami.”

Her posts showed a map of the Capitol tunnel system while the insurrection was occurring, plus videos of the Proud Boys. Now she is reassigned to home.

“I never, ever, ever put my views on anyone, talk about politics. Nobody knows anything about my politics or anything like that,” Betancourt said.

The former teacher of the year, who recently earned a master’s degree, defended her right to political speech and activities in her off-time.

There is a review already underway and the question they’ll have to figure out is what does constitute protected speech for a teacher in a public school district?

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