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Covid Complications Cause Man To Fall For Work From Home Scam

A South Florida man came across a work-from-home opportunity that turned out to be a scam.

Alan Walker, of Miami Gardens, got a job offer and was approved, by a company called Shea Post LLC. The company sent him a video detailing his role as a "quality control inspector."

He sent and received 18 packages in boxes that varied from hardware tools to vacuum cleaners. After 30 days, Walker became suspicious when he did not get paid.

He provided all of his bank information to receive direct deposit payments, but his manager and supervisor went from being very responsive to unreachable.

The State of Delaware shows Shea Post LLC was formed in October 2020 with a Better Business Bureau “F” rating and has an alert stating the address is not the location of the company.

Now Walker is calling banks and credit bureaus and changing passwords to try and avoid identity theft.

To avoid being a victim of reshipping scheme the US Postal Service recommends:

Don’t give out personal information to a person or company you don’t know.

Be suspicious of any offer that doesn’t pay a regular salary or involves working for an overseas company.

Check the company with the FTC, Better Business Bureau, or State Attorney General

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