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Less Turnout For This Years Wheels Up Ride.

ATVs, motorbikes and Slingshots are sitting at Downtown Towing after the annual Wheels Up, Guns Down ride on Martin Luther King Jr. Day led to a number of arrests in South Florida.

This year didn’t have as many participants, but it was still a dangerous turnout.

Riders did donuts, wheelies and put nearby drivers’ lives at risk.

“ATVs are prohibited on the highway. Riding on one wheel is prohibited. It carries high fines,” said Lt. Yanko Reyes of the Florida Highway Patrol.

The riders could be seen running red lights and law enforcement could be seen, making sure to keep the group off of areas like major highways and Port Miami.

In the end Miami-Dade Police Department had:

6 ATVs impounded

4 Motor/Dirt Bikes impounded

7 Felony arrests

4 Misdemeanor arrests

5 Traffic arrests

24 Moving citations

4 Non-Moving citations

6 Guns recovered

And no serious injuries reported as a result of this year’s ride.

Photos by Getty Images

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