Mother Of A Capitol Building Rioter Has Been Arrested

Authorities arrested Lisa Eisenhart the mother of Eric Munchel, who is the man who seen in photos wearing a tactical vest and zip ties inside the U.S. Capitol Building.

Eisenhart, was taken into custody in Nashville, and is facing charges of conspiracy, entering a restricted building, and violent entry or disorderly conduct. Eisenhart was wearing a tactical vest and a red "Make America Great Again" beanie. She was also seen carrying "flex cuffs."

Federal prosecutors said that video evidence from inside the Capitol Building shows the pair following after the mob that was chasing police officers who were guarding the entrance to the Senate chamber.

"Video footage from inside of the U.S. Capitol captures [Eisenhart] and [Munchel] in the vicinity of a mob of individuals that are physically attacking two Capitol Police officers guarding entry into the Senate chambers," their affidavit reads. "The footage eventually shows officers run past [Eisenhart] and [Munchel]; several members of the mob give chase. Right after they pass, [Eisenhart] and [Munchel] immediately follow behind the individuals pursuing the officers. [Eisenhart] and [Munchel] are seen holding flex cuffs in each of their hands during the pursuit."

Photos by Getty Images

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