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Non-Profits Feeling The Effects Of Less Traffic Tickets

Florida courts have collected less revenue from traffic tickets and court fines and fees and that will mean budget cuts in 2021 for non-profit groups.

The pandemic led to fewer motorists getting tickets, and revenue across Florida has plummeted, exposing an unreliable and unfair system built on the backs of court defendants.

Florida budget officials plan for deep revenue shortfalls for groups in 2021.

Non-profit groups and government agencies are not the only ones who will suffer as lawmakers need to reform how courts are used to extract money from people who often can’t afford to pay fees and fines.

The loss of revenue could have been even greater had millions not been paid through efforts to pay off fees and fines for former felons trying to restore their right to vote.

Miami-Dade County officials estimate that they will collect $64.7 million, well below the pre-pandemic levels.

With continued effects of Covid cities are going to have to find other ways of obtaining revenue for thier programs.

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