Miami-Dade County Takes A Stand On Human Trafficking

Officials from Miami-Dade County, along with federal officials, spoke at Miami International Airport on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day to announce that the airport will be joining the Blue Lightning Initiative against human trafficking.

“If we truly want to effectively beat human trafficking, law enforcement cannot do it alone. We need partnerships -- partnerships like the one we’re forming today,” said Anthony Salisbury, of Homeland Security Investigations.

The initiative is designed to raise awareness against human trafficking.

“The biggest thing in human trafficking that you’re looking for is there’s always some sort of power or control being exerted over these poor victims,” Salisbury said. “So, you’re looking for a lack of freedom of movement. You’re looking for permission -- if someone asks permission to go to the bathroom.”

The training will be mandatory for all new employees of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department and will also be available to all 1,400 current employees.

Photos by Getty Images

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