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Historic House In Miami Being Torn Down For New One

Nightlife guru David Grutman has permission from the Miami Beach Design and Review Board to replace a waterfront built for Jessie Adler.

Adler was a 19th century activist for the women’s vote in the 1930's. Despite the connection, the house is not designated as historic as it sits outside the historically designated Art Deco Historic District.

DRB members approved the design plan. and Grutman can demolish after approval from the Miami Beach Planning and Zoning Board and paying for all the permits.

“As a matter of law this applicant has a right to tear down this house, to demolish this house and build another one. I understand the code provides for the Design Review Board to explore alternatives and we have done that,” said DRB board member Sam Sheldon. “We cannot condition design approval upon preserving some portion of the existing structure.”

Grutman hired CMA Design Studio and Raymond Jungles to design a 2-story 7,980-square-foot Bali-inspired house. The house will have six bedrooms, six bathrooms and one half bathroom, also a a gym, kids room, gazebo and pool.

The Miami Design Preservation League and Grutman agreed that he will give the house for free if the organization can find an owner to relocate the house.

“I am a firm and proud believer in preservation,” said Grutman via email, “as my newest projects will be done in historically preserved buildings and locations.”

Photos by Getty Images

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